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Sunny is a positive sun tiger who enjoys making other happy. His best friends are PIP the chick and BEBO the meowshroom.

  • He / Him
  • Born from a fallen star


BEBO is the most social Meowshroom out there! He enjoys traveling and meeting new friends.

  • He / They
  • it’s impossible for anyone to dislike this lil guy!


Terrance is a protector of forest critters, especially the Meowshrooms! He loves all critters from bugs to people.

  • He / Him
  • Briard breed
  • His fur is constantly covered in mud


Mimi is as sweet as candy, literally! Mimi’s hobbies include art and of course, naps!

  • They / Them
  • Favorite treat is white rabbit milk candy of course!

Professor Paddles

Paddles is a wizard who uses their magic to help others smile. Dancing is a favorite method to spread positivity.

  • They / Them
  • Has a large staff to spread joy even further


Bert is the most EGGcellent companion around! He’s a happy lil dog who enjoys being around others. Watch out with petting though, this dog is made of egg!

  • He / They
  • Full name is Egbert


This lil gal is a menace! Despite trying to be evil, it’s not in her heart to actually be mean.

  • She / They
  • can make the ugliest faces


Chee is the best baker in town! From cakes to bread this lil pup does it all. They are best friends with Puddin’.

  • They / Them
  • Named after cheesecake

Val n Tine

Val, the mouse and Tine, the fox are cupids who were made for each other. These sweethearts love spending time together.

  • Val: She / Her
  • Tine: She / Her


Toby is 100% chaotic cat energy. When he isn’t causing havoc, he’s around eating anything and everything.

  • He / Him
  • Despite being a fish, he’s terrified of deep water

Fruit salad club

These fruit siblings are always seen together! Adventures and foraging are big hobbies of this trio.

  • Orange: He / Him
  • Strawberry: They / Them
  • Lemon: She / Her