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Commercial commissions

Interested in getting merch made for your business? Malmseyy has got you! Commercial use merchandise prices can vary greatly depending on the product type and how detailed the artwork is! There are 3 types of commercial use comms that are offered:

  • Nonprofit work (artwork that is used for items that are not being sold for profit. Business cards, promo stickers, banners)
  • limited commercial use (artwork that is used for a limited run of merchandise to be sold. Ex. 100 pieces of merch were agreed on and you are no longer able to sell another run.)
  • full commercial use (artwork that is able to be made as much as you please!)

This is just for the artwork and rights, not the physical merch unless discussed.
Malmseyy also offers to produce the merchandise, quality check and ship to you for an added price. 
As of right now rush orders are accepted for artwork, but not manufactured products. 
depending on complexity of work price can raise. 
multiple designs purchased are eligible for discounts

  • Promotional commercial useBase price + 100%
  • Limited commercial use: Base price + 100% – 200%
  • Full commercial use Base price + 300%

Starting prices for products

exact pricing determined on a project to project basis

  • Stickers: $50
  • Charm: $50
  • Enamel pin: $100
  • business card: $200 (non promotional rights included in this price)
  • Apparel design: $200
  • Repeating pattern: $200
  • Dakimakura: $300
  • Plushie concept $400