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Terms & Policies

By commissioning artist Malmseyy (aka Tapioca), you agree to all terms of service listed below. Artist can decline any commission they are uncomfortable with.

Artist is allowed to:

  • Post WIPs to their Ko-fi subscription service.
  • Post finished commissions to website as an example.
  • Post finished commissions to social media.
  • You may request work be private!

Will draw:

  • Humans / humanoids
  • Anthros
  • Animals
  • Gore
  • Slight NSFW (such as pin up)
  • Weed use
  • Alcohol use
  • Fanart

Will NOT draw:

  • Nudity
  • Heavy drugs
  • Extreme sexual themes
  • Minors in sexual themes
  • Heavy mecha
  • Realism
  • Style replication
  • Fetishes
  • Anything artist deems offensive

Commercial Rights Policy

All commissions are personal use only unless commercial rights were discussed and purchased.

Basic commercial rights:

  • Usage for streams.
  • Usage for advertising your brand on social media.
  • Price for basic commercial rights is +50% of commission price.
  • Can be bought at a later date.

Rights to use commissioned art for merchandise is not permitted with basic commercial rights.

Merchandise commercial rights:

  • Includes all basic commercial rights along with the right to create and sell merchandise with commissioned work.
  • Price starts at +300% of commissioned piece, but MUST be discussed as price may raise depending on how much merchandise is being produced.

Payment Methods

  • Payments are USD only.
  • Square invoices will be preferred payment method.
  • PayPal can be used as a last result option.
  • Work on commission is only started once full payment has been received.
  • Payment plans can be discussed on commissions over $100 USD.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • Commission may be cancelled at artists discretion with partial refund depending on how much work has been done.
  • Full refunds can only be given if no work on the commission has been done.
  • Refund after sketch: 50% refunded.
  • Refund after lineart: 20% refunded.
  • No refunds once coloring has started.

Revision Policy

Please put all revisions in one message when looking over WIPs.

If you want anything changed from the reference you have sent, please put that in a message right away when asked for details of your commission.If you approve a WIP and then ask for more revisions a fee may be added. Any mistake on the artists part will not be subject to a fee.

  • Revisions during sketch phase is included in base price.
  • 2 revisions during the lineart phase is allowed, anymore and there will be a fee.
  • Any revisions asked that will alter the finished piece will be subject to a large fee.

Using any art from artist Malmseyy (aka Tapioca), to sell and redistribute (without proper commercial rights paid for) or as NFTs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

A fee of what was made from improper selling/redistributing, along with a large fee for compensation will be charged.